I love Lt. Joe Kenda, the #HomicideHunter -- do you? He is featured on the ID Channel (Investigation Discovery) on a show called Homicide Hunter. It is currently in season 4.

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A little about the famous Homicide Hunter, Joe.

Born: Hermine, PA
High School: Greensburg Central Catholic
HS Graduation Year: 1964
College: University of Pittsburgh, Class of 1968
Year Started Service: 1973
Location Started Service: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Rank: Retired Detective
Fun Fact: Lieutenant Joe Kenda solved 92% of 387 murder cases.

Joe Kenda can be found on the ID channel and is in season 2 currently. You can watch the television program on the following channels.

Satellite Listings:
Dish Network Channel 192 (SD/HD)
DirecTV = Channel 285 or Channel 1285 (VOD)
C-Band AMC 11-Channel 614 (4DTV Digital)
n, Channel 136
OTE TV, Channel 405

Cable Listings:
Verizon FiOS, Channel 123 (SD) or Channel 623 (HD)
For all other cable providers to find the ID channel or Homicide Hunter, check your local listings.

SD = Standard Definition
HD = High Definition

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